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Before The Dawn (2019)        Pa'lante A La Luz (2018)        Forever Night (2017)       Palabras Luminosas (2016)        Shadow Of The Geode (2015)        






Estrellas En El Fuego (2014)        Black Blizzard (2013)        Kaleidoscope (2012)        Dark Matters (2011)        Broken Light (1010)






Ex Tenebris (2009)        Futurus Lux (2008)        Event Horizon (2007)        Total Eclipse (2005)












Event Horizon

There is a giant black hole. Its gravitational pull has sucked up civilization. Surviving artists linger at the edge of this collapsed star, daring to defy a force so strong that even light can't escape. They create and transcend on the cusp of danger; risking their very lives at the border of this devouring mass. So come join these performers who fight the darkness that threatens to suck us all in.












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(Artwork by C. D. Johnson)














































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