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Before The Dawn (2019)        Pa'lante A La Luz (2018)        Forever Night (2017)       Palabras Luminosas (2016)        Shadow Of The Geode (2015)        






Estrellas En El Fuego (2014)        Black Blizzard (2013)        Kaleidoscope (2012)        Dark Matters (2011)        Broken Light (1010)






Ex Tenebris (2009)        Futurus Lux (2008)        Event Horizon (2007)        Total Eclipse (2005)












Ex Tenebris

Now is the time of daybreak…hope flashes upon the penumbra of sorrow, warmth touches our shoulders. Out of the years of uncertainty...the age of ignorance overflowed its banks…led to conflict and paranoia. Artists went underground.... but now we finally depart the narrows of danger, the obsidian walls of shadow.












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(Artwork by C. D. Johnson)














































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