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Before The Dawn (2019)        Pa'lante A La Luz (2018)        Forever Night (2017)       Palabras Luminosas (2016)        Shadow Of The Geode (2015)        






Estrellas En El Fuego (2014)        Black Blizzard (2013)        Kaleidoscope (2012)        Dark Matters (2011)        Broken Light (1010)






Ex Tenebris (2009)        Futurus Lux (2008)        Event Horizon (2007)        Total Eclipse (2005)












Futurus Lux

As the second of the dark ages recedes, enlightenment spills over us poets. The light of literacy, compassion, and open mindedness flows into the recesses of our famished souls. It is in this second renaissance that we gather at the Bowery Poetry Club to celebrate this new age with the blessing of highly conscious being, Bob Holman, we celebrate!












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(Artwork by C. D. Johnson)














































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