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Palabras Luminosas
(Luminous Words)

One of New York City's biggest literary events, featuring more than 150-scheduled performers, returns to the historic Nuyorican Poets Cafe on New Year's Day. The 22nd annual Alternative New Year's Day Spoken Word / Performance Extravaganza takes place from 12 pm to 9 pm on January 1st, 2016. As always, the event is free to the public. We ask people attending to please bring paperbacks for Books through Bars, which supports U.S. prison-population education and the expansion of their universe through reading. Since the event's beginning, we have encouraged audience and participants to donate to our charity of choice. This year's theme is “Palabras Luminosas (Luminous Words)” - the light of words connects us – illuminates the human experience – and will light up our world in the New Year.













2016 Anthology


The Alternative New Year's Day Spoken Word / Performance Extravaganza -
2016 Anthology

First Edition. Volume III in a series. 152 pages. Trade Paperback.
American contemporary poetry anthology.
Design and Layout by C. D. Johnson
Publishers: Rogue Scholars Press
Front Cover / Frontispieced: "Luminous Words (With 'Apollo And Diana'
                                                      by Albrecht Dürer)"
ISBN-13: 978-0-9840982-3-1
Copyright © 2016 by Rogue Scholars Press / ANYDSWPE Imprint. All rights reserved.
Published by Rogue Scholars Press. New York, NY - USA






A.N.Y.D.S.W.P.E. / Our 22nd year for the Alternative New Year's Day Spoken Word / Performance Extravaganza event, and our third year celebrating with an anthology! The talent is overflowing and the pages of this volume burst forth yet again as more than 80 poets and writers give up their words to be sacrificed on the hallowed altar of the Ars Poetica. No doubt both you and the Muses will find their offerings satiating.  
Where are the masters of word and verse to go from here? Only to fame and glory, my friends! Only to fame and glory! ...Or your bookshelves. That will be nice, too.






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