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Estrellas En El Fuego (2014)        Black Blizzard (2013)        Kaleidoscope (2012)        Dark Matters (2011)        Broken Light (1010)






Ex Tenebris (2009)        Futurus Lux (2008)        Event Horizon (2007)        Total Eclipse (2005)












Total Eclipse

As a shade falls upon our world, we stumble through darkness, angry and scared. The only comfort comes from the radiant words spilling out of the shadows. They shine from the entrance of The Bowery Poetry Club, sanctuary of the legendary Bob Holman. The curators of this wondrous light are Bruce Weber, producer and founder of the Alternative, Leslie Shipman (Bronx Writers Center), social activist Pete Dolack, Jackie Sheeler (, Faith Vicinanza (Hanover Press), and playwright Brian Boyles.












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