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2018 Pa'lante A La Luz

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2005 Total Eclipse

2017 Forever Night

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FOREVER NIGHT (Siempre Noche):
The Alternative New Year’s Day Spoken Word / Performance Extravaganza
- 2017 Anthology

- First Edition.
- Volume IV in a series.
- 140 pages.
- Trade Paperback.
- American contemporary poetry anthology.

Design and Layout: C. D. Johnson
Publishers: Rogue Scholars Press

ISBN-13: 978-0-9840982-4-8

Copyright © 2017 by Rogue Scholars Press / ANYDSWPE Imprint

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FOREVER NIGHT (Siempre Noche) - The ANYDSWPE 2017 Anthology


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Our 23rd Event And Our 4th Anthology... Amazing!

Every year I reconsider the broad strokes and possibilities, and the staff gathers in early winter to talk about new directions and bridges to cross. A major part of our planning is to reach out to new guest curators for assistance in keeping the channels open to new voices and sounds. We also hope to bring in artists we've missed, neglected, or not had back in a while. This year I am especially thrilled by the multitude of new performers that have been added to event.

When the Alternative New Year's Day Spoken Word / Performance Extravaganza began I fantasized about creating an anthology on the spot, with the help of an industrial strength photocopy machine nearby. Now in the age of the internet, and the publishing possibilities the internet has conjured up, plus the masterful hand and eye of C. D. Johnson, we have our fourth annual collection of a selection of works by participants in Forever Night: Siempre Noche.

The theme Forever Night: Siempre Noche was chosen in the course of this past overheated summer of Trump and Clinton, and after the theme was selected by the vote of the staff, some staff members wondered if it was perhaps too dark in its insinuations. Now, following the autumn election, we must and we shall persist even harder in our artistry, clinging to art's ever present truth to get us through the forthcoming night ahead.







(Artwork by C. D. Johnson)





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